These are pictures of the recording studio "The Wedge,"
the Electronic Music Lab "The Box," and the Project studio "The Cube."

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This is the "The Wedge" controlIMG_0563 room

The recording studio, "The Wedge" is located in a wedged shaped room. It is a professional recording studio control room with access to both the Recital Hall (room 3400) and the Band Room (room 3401). Either room can be used as a sound stage for recording music. The studio uses a Tascam DM4800 digital mixer, Pro Tools HD2, on a Mac Pro 8 Core. Microphones are from Neumann, Sennheiser, Royer, AKG, and Shure.

This is the Electronic Music lab "The Box"The Box

In "The Box," there are 17 music stations. Each station has a 20" IMac computer, a Korg X50 synthesizer, Digital Performer sequencer software, Sibelius notation software, Audacity audio editing software and Musica Practica ear training software. The Box is available to all music students. For ear training and homework projects. To be able to use the sequencer progam you must be enrolled in one of the Electronic Music or Recording Arts classes.

This is the project studio lab "The Cube"The Cube

"The Cube" is a project studio, in the shape of a cube, and used by the Electronic Music Workshop (Music 265) class. It contains a Mac Pro 4 core with 2 GB of memory, OSX 10.5, and Digital Performer 5.13. The keyboard controller is a Korg Triton. The rack contains several compressors, reverbs, and other signal processors. It also houses several other synthesizers and samplers. To use The Cube you must be enrolled in Music 261.