Electronic Music Workshop
Music 261

Lecture 2 hours, Laboratory 2 hours

Prerequisite: Music 161 with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better

Electronic Music Workshop (Music 261) is a continuation of Introduction to Electronic Music (Music 161). This course extends the electro-acoustic music techniques introduced in Music 161. The focus of this course is on the application of advanced electro-acoustic music equipment, software and techniques used in a contemporary music project studio. The production of music using advanced synthesis, computer applications, MIDI, signal processing and recording techniques will be stressed.
You may repeat the class 3 times. The class is held in "The Cube."

For a tour of the studio see Studio Tour

This class covers the following subjects:
MIDI review
Advanced synthesis
MIDI patchbay
Signal flow

Projects for the class will include:
1) Create an original work in the electro-acoustic medium using the knowledge base discussed in the lectures and equipment available in the lab.

2) Choose proper equipment needed to complete a successful electro-acoustic music project.

3) Demonstrate new and existing equipment/software used in professional music project studios.