Introduction to Electronic Music
Music 161
Lecture 2 hours, Laboratory 2 hours

Introduction to Electronic Music (Music 161) is an introduction to electronic music. The emphasis will be on exploring the application of digital synthesizers, sound design, sampling, loop creation, computer music software, MIDI, audio editing and acoustics.

This course provides instruction in the use of synthesizers, Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), computers, musical acoustics, sound design, and music software. Emphasis is placed on technical, compositional, and performance skills utilizing digital synthesizers in conjunction with computers and music software.
This class is held in
"The Box"

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The class covers the following subjects:
Overview of electronic music and sound design:

History and development of electronic music and synthesizers
Early Synthesizers
Musique Concrete
Tape music

Synthesizers and programming functions
Types of synthesis
Synthesizer components:

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)

MIDI sequencing

Musical acoustics
Waveform measurement
Overtones Series

Natural room, Digital

Basic musical instrument design

Source, Modifier, Controller

Electronic music equipment, software, and sound design programs
Effects processors
Software effects plug-ins
Sound editing software
Sound design and audio editing software
Other software programs

Current trends in electronic music

Music composition styles
Notation programs
Performance software