Electronic Music Classes

The Technology Program offers two levels of Electronic Music:
Introduction to Electronic Music (Music 161)
Electronic Music Workshop (Music 261)

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Both Music 161 and Music 261 classes are devoted to the use and understanding of computers, and synthesizers in general and their use in creative musical projects. The classes will deal mainly with the construction of sound, programming techniques of analog and digital synthesizers in conjunction with the use of the equipment and software available in the computer lab.

Introduction to Electronic Music (Music 161) is a beginning class and no experience is necessary to enroll. There are several classes offered. The instructors are John Schneider, David Pinto, John Buonamassa, and Philip Gompertz

Electronic Music Workshop (Music 261) is a continuation of Music 161 and may be repeated 3 times. To enroll in this class you must have completed Music 161 with a grade of "C" or better or have the consent of the instructor.

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